About Brecken Elisabeth Geiman

With an intuitive eye for design, a passion for creating, love for vintage fashion, and inspiration for exploring the natural world around her, Brecken Elisabeth Geiman has instilled these elements in each one of her jewelry designs. A native to the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, Geiman grew up in a creative and motivated family, gaining an appreciation for these things at a very young age. After graduating from Mary Baldwin College, with a double major in Fashion Design/Marketing and Studio Art, Geiman has successfully continued to pursue her passion design business to contain an expressive array of jewelry for all ages.  Due to her continued motivations, Ms. Geiman has expanded her BEG-Me Design inspiration into the realm of home interiors, through offering exclusive decorating and home accessorizing services for any occasion. She is currently a guest artist at the Shenandoah Valley Governor's School for the Arts, teaching four courses that emphasize design: Fashion Design, Sculptural Painting,Jewelry Design : Polymer clay techniques, and Basic Costuming.

Coined by her initials, each of the eye-catching BEG-Me designs is infused with the artist's signature style: colorful, textural, boldly artistic. Each designer piece has true originality as Ms. Geiman believes that "accessories exemplify an outfit and the unique personality of the individual wearing them." Every BEG-Me design incorporates Geiman's love for vintage glamour:  components such as brooches, earrings, rhinestones, vintage cookie tine, fishing lure, worn leather and chains, sought out through Geiman’s many excursions around the globe to antique and consignment shops, are “re-interpreted and UPCYCLED”  coupled with a treasure trove of collected curiosities,  art glass, precious stones, wire,  and sterling silver elements. Aside from her vintage finds, the key ingredients in each Beg-Me design are the signature handmade polymer clay beads and pendants. Geiman’s creative process involves blending her own color palates of clay, using a pasta machine and acrylic roller to condition the medium for use. Utilizing caning techniques such as Millifiori, Mokume gane, and the Skinner Blend, unique patterns can then be created and formed into rolls for slicing. The canes, along with specialty foils, dry and liquid pigments, epoxy clay,  wire, vintage  and “found” elements, and a sparkling Swarovski are combined, to form a one-of-a-kind, hand-formed originals. Each clay piece is baked in specific time intervals, then cured for wear.

Geiman strives to create based upon intuition, along with a careful consideration for her multifaceted client base.....the intent being to create accessories that bring out the inner confidence in ANY woman's spirit. “It’s about connecting….it’s all about how a piece makes you feel.”  She encourages every female to "wear the color of your spirit" and to become a proud wearer of a one-of-a-kind BEG-Me original!

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